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CCR9 receptor

CCR9 receptor is a member of the beta chemokine receptor family. It has been found that this gene is differentially expressed by T lymphocytes of small intestine and colon, suggested a role in the thymocytes recruitment and development that may permit functional specialization of immune responses in different segment of the gastrointestinal tract. The specific ligand of this receptor is CCL25.
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Entry Terms:
  • C-C chemokine receptor type 9
  • CCR9b receptor
  • chemokine (C-C) receptor 9
  • chemokine (C-C motif) receptor 9
  • CCR9a receptor
  • CDw199 antigen
  • GPR-9-6 (G-protein coupled receptor 9-6)
  • GPR28 (G-protein coupled receptor 28)
  • CC chemokine receptor 9
  • CKR-9 receptor
  • CC-CKR-9 receptor
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