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Download Files

Downloads for NALT Concept Space are temporarily unavailable. 

Please check back, or for immediate access contact NALT staff for NALT files:, or

Available NALT Concept Space Sub-schemes, July 2023 edition: 

  • NALT Full - all NALT concepts - NALT Core plus over 48,000 additional agricultural related organisms (taxa) and several thousand less frequently used concepts for a total of 77,093 concepts.
  • NALT Core - a trim NALT sub-scheme with just 14,196 frequently used agricultural concepts including 4,396 agriculturally important organisms (taxa), and structural updates for a lean and efficient machine readable agricultural knowledge base.
  • NALT Taxon - NALT sub-scheme of 52,978 organisms (taxa) names important to agriculture.
  • NALT AWIC - NALT sub-scheme with 881 concepts related to Animal Welfare, curated by NAL's Animal Welfare Information Center (AWIC) staff.