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Download Files

This page contains information on downloading the 2021 edition of the Thesaurus and Glossary. These are available in several file formats and are not available in print. Some formats (PDF, XML, Word DOC, MARC) are downloadable from this web page. Other formats may be obtained by contacting the NAL Thesaurus Staff.

Glossary (2021 Edition)
File File Type Language File Size Download
Glossary with introductory text PDF English, Spanish 7.75 MB Download
Glossary XML English 590 KB Download
Glossary XML Spanish 577 KB Download
Thesaurus (2021 Edition)
File File Type Language File Size Download
Thesaurus MARC English 6.6 MB Download
Spanish 6.1 MB Download
Map to Library of Congress Subject Headings RDF English 160 KB Download
Map to Global Agriculture Concept Scheme (GACS) RDF English 110 KB Download
Alphabetical Display PDF English 21 MB Download
Spanish 19 MB Download
XML English 3.7 MB Download
Spanish 3.5 MB Download
DOC English 8 MB Download
Spanish 7.5 MB Download