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islets of Langerhans

Irregular microscopic structures, consisting of cords of endocrine cells that are scattered throughout the pancreas among the exocrine acini. There are four major cell types. The most abundant beta cells (50-80%) secrete insulin. Alpha cells (5-20%) secrete glucagon. PP cells (10-35%) secrete pancreatic polypeptide. Delta cells (~5%) secrete somatostatin.
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Entry Terms:
  • pancreatic delta cells
  • pancreatic beta cells
  • beta cells (pancreatic)
  • pancreatic polypeptide cells
  • alpha cells (pancreatic)
  • delta cells (pancreatic)
  • pancreatic D cells
  • pancreatic islets
  • pancreatic B cells
  • islet cells
  • pancreatic alpha cells
  • pancreas islets
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