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Search Tips for Glossary

Results display

Terms are displayed in alphabetical order. Glossary search results display a list terms that contain the requested character string or word(s). Click on terms to show their complete records. The gray "New Search" button returns you to the Glosary's "Search" page.

This is the results display for a search of terms containing the word “soil”:

Common Questions

Q. What is a character string?
A. A character string is a group of letters and/or numbers which form all or part of a word.

Q. How can I see the Spanish version of the Glossary?
A. You can view the Spanish translation of English Glossary terms by going to the Spanish Glossary page.

Q. Should I include hyphens and commas in my search?
A. The Thesaurus search is punctuation sensitive. A search, for example, for "check-off" will return results, but "checkoff" will not.

Q. Are Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) supported in the search?
A. No. The search is based on character strings.

Q. Can I use phrases?
A. When searching for multi-word thesaurus terms, brief two or three-word noun/gerund phrases return the best results, such as:

  • herbicide resistance
  • nutritive value
  • continuous cropping

Do not enter searches in the form of a question or description:

  • DO NOT SEARCH: Do you have irrigation words?
  • SEARCH: irrigation
  • DO NOT SEARCH: Show the economics words.
  • SEARCH: economics

Q. I didn't find any terms. ("No records found") What can I do?
A. Try these ideas:

  1. Check your spelling.
  2. Shorten your search to a single word or phrase.
  3. Do not include these characters:
    • asterisk (*)
    • questions mark (?)
    • plus (+)
    • exclamation point (!)
  4. If you included a hyphen or comma, try your search without it and vice versa.
  5. If you are confident you are receiving the "No records found" message in error, please contact the NALT Staff.