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Subject Category
L Animal Science and Animal Products
Forage is defined as the edible part of a plant, other than the separated grain, that is generally above ground and that can provide feed for grazing animals or can be harvested for feeding.
Definition Source
Forage Grazing Terminology Committee. 1992. Benefits and barriers to perennial forage crops in Iowa corn and soybean rotations. Journal of Production Agriculture 5:191-201.
RDF/XML Format:
Scope Note
Use for the edible plant parts other than grain that are grazed by animals or that can be harvested for feeding of animals; For crops grown for consumption by livestock USE forage crops.
Persistent URI:
Used For
fodder plants
fodder trees
forage plants
forage trees
Broader Term
forage and feed science
Narrower Term
forage grasses
forage quality
Related Term
fodder banks
forage crops
forage evaluation
pasture plants
soft dough stage
Term Number