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quantitative structure-activity relationships
Subject Category
W Physical and Chemical Sciences
A mathematical relationship between a quantifiable aspect of chemical structure and a chemical property or reactivity or a well defined biological activity, such as toxicity. Using a sample set of chemicals, a relationship is established between one or many physical-chemical properties a chemical possesses due to its structure and a chemical property or biological activity of concern. This mathematical expression is then used to predict the chemical property or biological response expected from other chemicals with similar structures. It is based on the presumption that similar molecules or chemical structures have similar properties or biological activities or toxicity potential.
Definition Source
US Environmental Protection Agency
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Used For
QSAR (quantitative structure-activity relationships)
QSPR (quantitative structure property relationship)
quantitative structure-property relationships
quantitative structure activity relationships
quantitative structure property relationship
Broader Term
structure-activity relationships
Narrower Term
quantitative structure-toxicity relationships
Related Term
in vitro to in vivo extrapolation
relaciones cuantitativas de actividad estructural
Term Number