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Subject Category
E Economics, Business and Industry
L Animal Science and Animal Products
Any non-injurious edible material having nutrient value; may be harvested forage, range or artificial pasture forage, grain, or other processed food for livestock or game animals.
Definition Source
Schwarz, Charles F.; Thor, Edward C.; Elsner, Gary H. 1976. Wildland planning glossary. Gen. Tech. Rep. PSW-13. Berkeley, Calif.: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Forest and Range Experiment Station
RDF/XML Format:
Scope Note
Use for foodstuffs used to feed livestock and other animals; for the raw material used in industrial processing which is converted to other products USE feedstocks.
Persistent URI:
Used For
animal feed
animal feeds
feed (food for animals)
feed products
Broader Term
agricultural products
forage and feed science
Narrower Term
adulterated feeds
aquaculture feeds
enriched feed
feed concentrates
feed grains
feed meals
fortified feed
insect-based feed
live feeds
livestock feeds
mash feed
medicated feeds
milk replacer
pelleted feeds
pet foods
protected fat
total mixed rations
Related Term
dietary markers
dry matter digestibility
farm inputs
feed additives
feed conversion
feed evaluation
feed formulation
feed industry
feed processing
feed quality
feed supplements
feeding stalls
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