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laws and regulations
Subject Category
D Government, Law and Regulations
RDF/XML Format:
Scope Note
Includes all the rules of conduct (laws), collection of entitlements which a person may have that are protected by the government (rights), and other rules and administrative codes (regulations) which have been issued and approved by the government, which are in force over a certain territory and which must be obeyed by all persons on that territory.
Persistent URI:
Used For
codes and ordinances
constitution and law
government regulations
law and legislation
local codes and ordinances
local ordinances
Broader Term
Government, Law and Regulations
Narrower Term
code of practice
government deregulation
legal agreements
legal rights
legal trusts
market regulations
National Environmental Policy Act
plant variety protection
product labeling
rural legislation
standards and grades
trade regulations
Related Term
agricultural law
animal law
antitrust law
bans and sanctions
environmental law
fish and wildlife law
fisheries law
food law
forensic sciences
forestry law
government and administration
GRAS substances
international law
leyes y regulaciones
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