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adulterated products
Subject Category
E Economics, Business and Industry
Products containing any deleterious substance rendering it injurious to health or products produced using ingredients or processes that are inconsistent with their labels. See Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act Section 402 [21 U.S.C. 342].
Definition Source
NAL Thesaurus Staff
RDF/XML Format:
Scope Note
For products adulterated with inferior or substituted ingredients USE "product authenticity".
Persistent URI:
Used For
Broader Term
products and commodities
Narrower Term
adulterated feeds
adulterated foods
Related Term
cutting agents
feed contamination
food contamination
identity preservation
microbial contamination
non-genetically modified foods
product authenticity
product quality
standards of identity
tamper-evident design
tamper-resistant design
productos adulterados
Term Number