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food waste
Subject Category
E Economics, Business and Industry
P Natural Resources, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Food waste is a component of food loss and occurs when an edible item goes unconsumed, as in food discarded by retailers due to color or appearance and plate waste by consumers.
Definition Source
Food Availability (Per Capita) Data System: Glossary, USDA Economic Research Service
RDF/XML Format:
Scope Note
Use for edible but unconsumed food found anywhere along the food chain; for food wastes from home or food service kitchens USE kitchen waste; for food wastes from food processing plants USE food processing wastes.
Persistent URI:
Used For
discarded food
food discards
food wastes
unconsumed food
uneaten food
wasted food
Broader Term
food loss
organic wastes
Narrower Term
kitchen waste
seafood waste
Related Term
food consumption
food processing wastes
human food chain
desechos alimentarios
Term Number