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food additives
Subject Category
Q Food and Human Nutrition
W Physical and Chemical Sciences
Any substance added to food to: 1) maintain product consistency, 2) improve or maintain nutritional value, 3) maintain palatability or wholesomeness, 4) provide leavening or control pH, or 5) enhance flavor or impart desired color.
Definition Source
NAL Thesaurus Staff
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Scope Note
Use for the addition of nutritive substances as part of the formulation of specific food products; For substances which are typically not consumed as a single item of a meal or diet, but are added to the diet to improve the nutritional status of organisms or added to foods to enhance the nutrient content or nutritional value of foods, ADD dietary supplements.
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Broader Term
food science
Narrower Term
antibrowning agents
food colorants
food preservatives
Related Term
calcium silicate
curing agents
dietary supplements
flavor enhancers
food composition
food enrichment
food fortification
food processing
food quality
food safety
food storage
gelling agents
natural additives
potassium bromate
sodium lactate
Spirulina maxima
aditivos alimentarios
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