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Thesaurus Search Results

Subject Category
F Plant Science and Plant Products
S Biological Sciences
A plant structure that develops from an ovule and has as parts an embryo enclosed in a seed coat.
Definition Source
Plant Ontology,
RDF/XML Format:
Scope Note
Use for the botanical seed of a plant; For seed sold at market and intended to be used for planting USE planting seed.
Persistent URI:
Used For
Broader Term
plant anatomy
Narrower Term
buried seeds
dicotyledonous seeds
disease-free seeds
monocotyledonous seeds
recalcitrant seeds
seed anatomy
Related Term
germplasm regeneration
harvester ants
monocarpic plants
planting seed
seed aid
seed cleaners
seed damage
seed dressings
seed drills
seed exchange
seed extracts
seed germination
seed growth
seed harvesters
seed insects
seed longevity
seed moisture
seed morphology
seed orchards
seed pests
seed rot
seed storage
seed storage proteins
seed trees
seedless varieties
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