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Sorghum bicolor subsp. bicolor
Subject Category
V Taxonomic Classification of Organisms
RDF/XML Format:
Taxonomic Rank
Germplasm Resources Information Network
Persistent URI:
Used For
Andropogon sorghum
Andropogon sorghum subvar. japonicus
Andropogon sorghum subvar. rubidus
Andropogon sorghum var. agricolarum
Andropogon sorghum var. arduinii
Andropogon sorghum var. caudatus
Andropogon sorghum var. compactus
Andropogon sorghum var. ehrenbergianus
Andropogon sorghum var. elegans
Andropogon sorghum var. hians
Andropogon sorghum var. lasiorhachis
Andropogon sorghum var. miliiformis
Andropogon sorghum var. splendidus
Andropogon sorghum var. subglobosus
Andropogon sorghum var. technicus
Andropogon subglabrescens
Holcus bicolor
Holcus cernuus
Holcus dochna
Holcus durra
Holcus saccharatus
Holcus sorghum
Milium nigricans
Panicum caffrorum
Sorghum basutorum
Sorghum bicolor ssp. bicolor
Sorghum bicolor var. arduinii
Sorghum bicolor var. subglobosum
Sorghum bicolor var. technicum
Sorghum caffrorum
Sorghum caffrorum var. brunneolum
Sorghum caffrorum var. lasiorhachis
Sorghum caudatum
Sorghum cernuum
Sorghum cernuum var. agricolarum
Sorghum cernuum var. orbiculatum
Sorghum conspicuum
Sorghum conspicuum var. pilosum
Sorghum conspicuum var. rubicundum
Sorghum coriaceum
Sorghum coriaceum var. subinvolutum
Sorghum dochna
Sorghum dochna var. technicum
Sorghum durra
Sorghum elegans
Sorghum gambicum
Sorghum guineense
Sorghum japonicum
Sorghum margaritiferum
Sorghum melaleucum
Sorghum mellitum
Sorghum membranaceum
Sorghum membranaceum var. ehrenbergianum
Sorghum miliiforme
Sorghum nervosum
Sorghum nigricans
Sorghum notabile
Sorghum roxburghii
Sorghum roxburghii var. hians
Sorghum saccharatum
Sorghum simulans
Sorghum splendidum
Sorghum subglabrescens
Sorghum subglabrescens var. compactum
Sorghum subglabrescens var. oviforme
Sorghum subglabrescens var. rubidum
Sorghum technicum
Sorghum vulgare
Sorghum vulgare var. caffrorum
Sorghum vulgare var. durra
Sorghum vulgare var. roxburghii
Sorghum vulgare var. saccharatum
Sorghum vulgare var. technicum
Broader Term
Sorghum bicolor
Sorghum bicolor subsp. bicolor
Term Number