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food safety
Subject Category
Q Food and Human Nutrition
The fitness of a food for human consumption.
Definition Source
NAL Thesaurus Staff
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Used For
food control
food protection
food safety control
Broader Term
food science
Narrower Term
appropriate level of protection
CAC performance criterion
CAC performance objective
FDA Food Safety Modernization Act
Food and Drug Administration Food Code
food contamination
food defense
food recalls
food safety education
food safety objective
food sanitation
microbiological criteria
on-farm food safety
postharvest food safety
produce safety
Related Term
active food packaging
adulterated foods
antimicrobial packaging
antinutritional factors
best management practices
Codex Alimentarius
crop safety
dietary exposure
early warning systems
farm to fork
Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act
food additives
food allergens
food allergies
food composition
food fraud
food handling
food industry
food law
food microbiology
food policy
food preservation
food quality
food service
food spoilage
foodborne illness
FoodNet (CDC)
fungal contamination
genetically modified plants
good hygiene practices
human food chain
human health and safety
identity preservation
Interagency Risk Assessment Consortium
low acid foods
minimally processed foods
natural toxicants
non-genetically modified foods
noodle industry
Nutrition Landscape Information System
One Health initiative
pathogen survival
perishable foods
potentially hazardous foods
predictive microbiology
product safety
sanitary and phytosanitary regulations
sanitation standard operating procedures
seafood toxins
spoilage bacteria
spoilage microorganisms
spoilage yeast
tamper-evident design
tamper-resistant design
US Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act
vacuum sealing
vegetable quality
viral contamination
inocuidad alimentaria
Term Number