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About Thesaurus and Glossary
What's New in 2014 Edition
The 2014 edition is the thirteenth edition of the Agricultural Thesaurus, first released by the National Agricultural Library in 2002. Terminology is available in both English and Spanish versions. Taxonomic terms from every biological kingdom were expanded in this edition, along with common names of species. A total of 880 insect and other arthropod species from the i5k Insect and other Arthropod Genome Sequencing Initiative were added. Plant species were added following taxonomic verification by the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN). The Report of the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (2012 release) was the authoritative reference for viruses new to this edition. Terminology for genetic soil types was modified according to USDA Keys to Soil Taxonomy, Eleventh Edition, 2010 Terminology in sustainability science and life cycle assessment were added to support the LCA Digital Commons at NAL. Other subject areas expanded include terms in bioenergy, bioproducts, biofabrication and bioengineering. The 2014 edition contains 329 new definitions, which appear in the thesaurus and separate glossary.

Please consult the list of new descriptors for this edition.

Thanks are extended to AgNIC members, IICA partners, Dr. John Wiersema and Carole Ritchie at GRIN, and to all those who proposed suggestions for changes to this edition. Users are encouraged to send us comments so that we may continue to improve this resource.


  • English
    • Total Terms - 98,690
    • Lead-in Terms - 45,410
    • Preferred Terms - 53,280
    • Subject Categories - 17
    • Scope Notes - 889
    • Definitions - 3,821
  • Spanish
    • Total Terms - 82,260
    • Lead-in Terms - 28,980
    • Preferred Terms - 53,280
    • Subject Categories - 17
    • Scope Notes - 517
    • Definitions - 3,695
Last Modified: Jan 27, 2014
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